Semantic Density: Keyword Density has been Replaced

Optimising for Semantic Density is more effective than optimising for Keyword Density 1, Get your SD score for free 2, include the core topics in your opening, instead of keywords 3, Use related and core topics in the body of your content, instead of keywords 4, Then watch as your traffic increases

Semantic Density is the where and how topics are included in content

Our algorithm analyses the top sites and identifies the most important topics on their sites. Your page is then indexed by the same algorithm, compared against the top sites and given an SD rating. You can then improve the SD rating by adding in content related to the keywords that the top sites have a rating for and your site doesn’t. Make sure the opening paragraph references the topics and that they have dedicated content on the page. - Ranking improvements in as little as a few days - Mine thousands of keyword opportunities a month - Link Google Search Console and our algorithms will find opportunities for you. Free.

Semantic Density and Google's algorithm

At the beginning of the 2010s Google started to use relevant information to determine what a keyword meant. This resulted in keyword density becoming less and less important. In the video, you will watch a Google engineer explain how related key phrases help establish what a word means. Here they use the example of the cheese "brie" to explain in the video. He states "ile-at-villaine", the department of France where brie is from, among other phrases that can identify Brie. Our algorithm show that this is true of the search results. Semantic Density shows: "ile-at-villaine" is also the 2nd most semantically relevant phrase in the content of the site in #1 for "brie". "Seine-et-marne", the town famous for brie, is highly relevant to the site in page 2. "Raw milk" and "unpasteurised milk" feature in 2 of the top 5, and "milk cheese" is the most relevant phrase to the site in #1.

Semantic Density for Site Owners

You can analyse your top keywords and work out why your competitors are ahead of you. Using the semantic density algorithm, you can quickly find growth opportunities for your site. You can also find where and why you rank lower than you should. Get ahead of the competition, starting using Semantic Density today.

Semantic Density for Agencies and Consultants

Semantic density gives you a new way to help make your clients money. It's easy to explain and will help you understand their site issues better. You can make more money by sharing the information in Semantic density. Your clients will make more money if you share the data in Semantic Density with them.

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